How to have a group conversation asynchronously using voice messages

Cassette is a new solution for communication between members of the same organization, which proposes a completely different mode of operation compared to the usual virtual meetings scheduled to take place live, with all participants present.

For this, it is based on the use of responses through voice messages to questions proposed in each new conversation, having for this a certain period of time to offer the corresponding answer, including the possibility of establishing emoji reactions to said questions.

This method will prevent participants included in the same conversation have the need to find a schedule that becomes compatible for everyone, and more so if each of the members could be located in different time slots for their locations.

Each new conversation will be called a Cassette, in which the desired participants will be included, establishing a series of participation permissions, and it can be started from scratch or based on one of the existing predetermined templates, with a series of questions as a structure.

This platform is currently offered completely free of charge, although to do so you will have to download the official application, there are versions of Cassette for Windows, Linux, macOS and iOS systems.

For now there is no option to participate either on the web or through an Android app.

Cassette thus intends that organizations optimize your work time, taking meetings off the agenda, and avoiding meetings without clear objectives, offering a structure system that allows members to share information wherever and whenever they want through voice messages.

The most interesting thing is the commitment to voice messages versus chat conversations and video calls:

Avoid Zoom fatigue. Voice messages convey more information than written text, but are less tiresome than videos.

Finally, they point out that they will not use the audio for positioning or advertising, also having encrypted connections, in addition to being hosted on Amazon Web Services, whose audios are in private cubes of S3.

Those interested have a series of videos to learn more about its operation.

Link: Cassette

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