In Taiwan, battery exchange stations are about to overtake gas stations

The maker of electric scooters Taiwanese Gogoro dominates the market in his native country. Much of its success lies in its network of radio stations. battery exchangers that operate as if they were service stations where you can “refuel” electric motorcycles.

The system has become so popular that will soon outshine gas stations of the Chinese island state. According to the Asian media Taipei Times, at the end of 2021 Gogoro already had 400,000 affiliates to its platform and with a total of 2,215 GoStations in Taiwan, while the number of gas stations was 2,487.

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Among the keys to the success of Gogoro battery exchange stations are their practicality, the ease of use and also how fast they work (the exchange procedure takes just a few seconds).

These stations, with such a characteristic “vending machine type” design and a striking combination of white and green colors, are suitable for both the brand’s clients and their associates, who only need to be affiliated with the Gogoro platform to exchange their battery. when they need it. The following video shows the operation of the system in a simple way:

In addition to gaining presence in his home market, in recent months Gogoro has been aggressively expanded in countries where motorcycles and scooters dominate the market. Thus, in April 2021 the company announced its entry into the indian market and its association with Hero Motorcorp: the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Shortly after, in addition to announcing its offensive for the Indonesian market, the company gained a presence in the Chinese market thanks to a new partnership with industry leaders. Yadea and DCJ (the three entities have created a new joint venture called Huan Huan) and in June Gogoro also joined forces with the manufacturer Foxconn to produce its electric scooters and interchangeable batteries.

These partnerships will not only help China meet its strict commitments related to emissions and climate change. In addition, for Gogoro it will be a testing ground for its future application in other countries, since its leap to the Old Continent is not ruled out.

The battery exchange stations and the charging centers for electric vehicles more and more spread throughout the world. An example is the Chinese manufacturer NIO and its battery exchange centers to the conquest of Europe, or the oil giant Shell, which has started to convert its gas stations in ‘electric vehicle hubs’ with charging stations, starting with London.

Silence touches us closer with its “Battery Station”, A system very similar to the one that has been implemented Kymco in Asian territory. And this is just the beginning of a trend that has just taken off.

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