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The supplier SEG Automotive, which emerged from the Bosch subsidiary Starter und Generatoren, got a new boss in Ferdinando Sorrentino at the turn of the year. He succeeds Peter Sokol and should not only increase the pace in China.


Ferdinando Sorrentino heads the business of the former Bosch subsidiary SEG Automotive, which has around 7,000 employees. (Photo: SEG)

The supplier SEG Automotive has surprisingly changed its boss. Ferdinando Sorrentino (56) succeeds CEO Peter Sokol and CFO Frank-Lorenz Dietz, who both left the company at the end of the year, according to SEG, based in Stuttgart. Sokol had only taken over the office in 2019. During the Corona crisis, SEG already cut around 1000 jobs worldwide. But apparently it works …

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