Mercedes-Benz does not want partners in the electric car race and will manufacture its own powertrains

After the official presentation of the impressive Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX, the German manufacturer wants to just continue its race towards the ultimate electric car.

And to achieve it, Mercedes-Benz will fully manufacture its own electric drives for the new MMA and MB.EA architectures from 2024.

Rare earths, lithium … the ingredients to be insured Mercedes-Benz


“We want to control the general system of the electric motor, the battery and the power electronics as well as possible, in a similar way to how it is done with the combustion engine.”

This is the goal announced by Daimler’s Head of Development, Markus Schäfer, in an interview with Automobile week. For the engines of models such as the EQC, Mercedes-Benz has relied on the supplier ZF, while to develop the heart of the EQS has turned to Valeo Siemens.

We also know that in July 2021 it acquired the British axial-flow electric motor company Yasa for the AMG.EA electric platform.

But now, at a time of extreme fragility in the supply chain, Mercedes-Benz wants to start developing its own electric powertrains.

For this, the supply of critical raw materials, such as rare earths for permanent magnets for electric motors, lithium and nickel for batteries, etc.

Starting in 2025, all newly launched vehicle architectures will be electric-only, and customers will be able to choose an all-electric alternative for each model the company makes.

Vision Eqxx 2

The star brand announced this past summer its plans to launch three new platforms for electric cars in 2025:

  • MMA: Modular architecture of Mercedes-Benz, which will arrive in 2024 covering all medium and large-size passenger cars. An in-house developed and built electric motor called eATS 2.0 will debut with the MMA, which is the update to the eATS used in the EQS.
  • MB.EA: Mercedes-Benz Electric Architecture, which will cover all medium to large-size vehicles in the passenger car line.
  • FROM.EA: is dedicated to light commercial vehicles and vans.

The MMA is claimed to be the latest platform from the automaker to also be compatible with combustion engines, although the focus will be primarily on fully electric models.

Similarly, batteries play an important role in the plan and Mercedes-Benz seeks to improve the technology. increasing autonomy by approximately 25%.

Currently, EQS lithium-ion batteries use NMC811 cells that have an energy density of more than 550 Wh / L, allowing for an installed power capacity of 111 kWh in total.

The German manufacturer is also investigating solid-state chemistry.

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