Practical, the price of the Xiaomi Mi 3H air purifier collapses once again!

The Xiaomi Mi 3H is at 104 € today at Rakuten for the sales, do not miss the opportunity to purify the air in your home at a lower cost!

The Xiaomi Mi 3H air purifier has very interesting features, especially with bacteria, viruses and pollens. All of these molecules can ruin the air in your home, so now is the time to act since the Xiaomi Mi 3H is available for 104.99 € at Rakuten with the code RAKUTEN15. Free shipping from Europe.

I take the offer

An air purifier from Xiaomi that filters 99% of particles

The Xiaomi Mi 3H is the new model of air purifier sold by the Chinese manufacturer. The latter therefore replaces the Mi 2S which has provided many services to users. The all new generation of connected object for the home will analyze, suck and purify the air thanks to different technologies integrated in the Xiaomi Mi 3H. Since 2014, the range of air purifiers has evolved a lot and has been equipped with new lasers as well as new air filtration methods.

The Xiaomi air purifier has different sensors and laser that will analyze the air quality of your entire room. As soon as the latter has sufficiently controlled the particles that make up the air, it will start up. Large fans will suck the air through the filters so one which is a HEPA filter. This large filter is made up of three successive layers to keep bacteria, viruses and pollen out. Besides, Xiaomi has also improved its HEPA filter. The Mi 2S had an EPA H11 filter while the Xiaomi Mi 3H has the HEPA H13 filter. The latter has a greater air filtration capacity, retaining 99% of the particles present in the air. The other two filters trap all hair and other dirt in the air.

An application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store. The latter will allow the Xiaomi Mi 3H to be controlled remotely and to read the analyzes carried out by it. Keeping a relatively healthy home, business, or room has become essential. He is available for 104.99 € at Rakuten with the code RAKUTEN15. Free shipping from Europe.

I take the offer

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