Razer lied about his Zephyr goggle, which ultimately isn’t N95 certified

According to experts, the manufacturer Razer would have greatly overestimated the filtering capacities of its Zephyr mask, which it promised certified N95.

After launching his connected mask Zephyr last October, then the announcement of a Pro version equipped with a voice amplifier at CES 2022, Razer is in turmoil. The manufacturer is today singled out for having lied about the certifications affixed to his masks protection.

Razer removes the N95 mention

In recent days, several media including Engadget and The Verge noted that the company had discreetly abolished the N95 certification of its product sheets. A decision that undoubtedly follows the video posted by Chinese YouTuber Naomi Wu, who after closely studying the brand’s products, described the Zephyrs as “Fraudulent products”.

Issued by the American National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the N95 certification is reserved for protective masks capable of filter at least 95% of airborne particles. It is the equivalent of the mask FFP2 in Europe. By highlighting a non-existent N95 certification, Razer would therefore have largely embellished the situation regarding its Zephyr masks, which according to Naomi Wu would be “Unnecessary” to protect the wearer from covid-19.

The brand has for the moment refused to comment, preferring simply to remove the mentions to the N95 certification, while specifying on its site that Zephyr masks “Are not intended for use in medical or clinical settings”.

In reality, it seems that the Zephyr mask does have filters “N95 quality” initially promised by the brand. The problem would rather lie in the ventilation system of the latter, which would not be able to properly filter the particles. As the N95 requirement is applied to all of a product put on sale (not just its filters), this explains – in part – why Razer has never obtained the expected certification from the American body. It remains to be seen how the brand will choose to justify its lie.

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