Relief for VW plant in Zwickau: US production of the ID.4 starts in autumn

VW is the first to announce a specific date for the start of production of the ID.4 in the USA. “Pre-series copies of the ID.4 are now rolling off the assembly line, series production will start in September / October,” Volkswagen of America boss Scott Keogh announced to the US portal CarBuzz. Then, he hopes, the waiting time for the vehicle that started last year will be shortened. Because so far not enough vehicles have been delivered from Europe to meet the demand in the USA.

A total of 16,752 ID.4s were sold in the United States last year. “We could have sold four times as much,” said Keogh. “The VW dealers say that they have seen more excitement in the showrooms than they have seen since 1998 when we brought the Beetle back.” There were a total of 40,000 reservations for the model, which up to now could only be served to a small extent.

In return, the US Passat expires

So far, VW has only produced the ID.4 for Europe and America at the Zwickau plant, where ID.3, ID.5 as well as the Audi Q4 e-tron and Cupra Born also roll off the assembly line. Only in China is there already a local production of the ID.4. VW had already announced before production started in Zwickau that it would also manufacture the vehicle in the USA from 2022, but so far left the exact date open. In return, the US Passat built there is to expire this year and disappear from the market.

The US-ID.4 should differ in some details from the European model, which is currently also available in the USA: Instead of the battery supplied by LG, a battery from SK Innovation (SKI) with slightly different cell chemistry will be installed. In addition, there should be an adapted center console, “which corresponds more to the American style,” says Keogh. 96 percent of the parts of the vehicle are unchanged.

Relief for Zwickau

The new US production should also provide relief in Europe. Because here too, VW’s e-models have long delivery times. With the discontinuation of US production in Zwickau, more vehicles could then be built for Europe in the future. In addition, the model is to be launched in Emden in the spring.

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