Study shows increasing popularity: every tenth car has a dashcam

Anyone who wants to watch snippets of spectacular traffic accidents on the Internet is bound to find material from Russia. This is because the often chaotic conditions there mean that many motorists record events with a small camera on the dashboard or on the windshield. The trend has now also arrived in Germany, as a study by the used car portal Autoscout 24 shows. More than every tenth driver is already on German roads with a dashcam.

1,002 drivers were surveyed. 49 percent said that they liked dashcams and could imagine installing a corresponding device as well. 16 percent rate the cameras positively, but refrain from driving around with a camera on the dashboard themselves. On the other hand, there are 21 percent who do not believe in monitoring from the car cockpit. 15 percent reject dashcams because of data protection and four percent are worried that the recorded material could be used against themselves in an accident.

If there is a traffic accident, the question of guilt is often controversial. Cameras attached to the dashboard or the windshield, which permanently film the traffic and, if the worst comes to the worst, also the accident, can help with the investigation. The use of such records as evidence has long been controversial. In 2018, however, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled that corresponding film recordings are permissible as evidence to clarify the accident.

There was an accident on a double left-turn lane in town when those involved collided with each other. They then quarreled over who had actually left the trail. There was a dashcam in one of the affected vehicles that recorded what was happening. The installation of such a camera is therefore generally permitted. However, according to the court, permanent filming and saving of public road traffic without any cause continues to violate data protection and informational self-determination. The recordings therefore have to be overwritten regularly.

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