Tado takes over companies for energy load shifting and time-variable tariffs

Tado*, a provider of smart indoor climate products, has taken over Awattar GmbH. The company specializes in dynamic electricity tariffs and energy load shifting.

With Awattar’s technology, customers can benefit from fluctuating energy prices when heating, charging electric cars or using solar power. With the takeover, Tado is expanding its platform for intelligent indoor climate management with the Awattar system, which enables dynamic load shifting – in this way, customers should benefit from the volatile electricity markets in the future without having to forego convenience benefits.

According to the European Commission, 79% of the energy consumed in households is used for heating and hot water. Tado wants to use the energy transition to drive forward household electrification. Tado’s intelligent technology is supposed to shift heat consumption to more favorable times. In combination with the variable tariffs from Awattar, users could reduce their energy costs.


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