this has been the battle of the three great Germans in 2021

Despite having doubled the electric car sales in 2021 up to 452,900 units, the Volkswagen Group has closed the year with the lowest sales figures in almost a decade.

In total, it has delivered 8.9 million units, numbers that we have not seen since 2012, when it placed 9 million vehicles in markets around the world. For its part, BMW has recorded record deliveries, up to 2.21 million, surpassing rival Mercedes-Benz.

The Volkswagen Group loses in China …

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As explained by the Volkswagen Group, “the shortage of semiconductors led to a slight overall decrease in global deliveries of 4.5%”, reaching the 8,882,000 units.

Western Europe experienced a 2.7% drop in sales in 2021, a drop similar to that of Central and Eastern Europe. In Spain, has been surpassed by Stellantis.

The semiconductor crisis has hit the world’s largest auto market, China, hardest, where the group has lost 14% of sales. Better has gone in the US, where deliveries increased almost 17%.

Electric cars now account for 5.1% of the German consortium’s sales, a clear sign that its business model is changing.

However, forecasts for the semiconductor crisis are not encouraging and he expects supply chain conditions to remain volatile in the first half of the year.

… and BMW snatches the crown from Mercedes-Benz


For its part, the BMW Group has managed to overcome the setback that 2021 has caused with an increase in sales of 8.4%, to 2,521,525 of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce models sold.

It is significant that, in a year of crisis at all levels, Rolls-Royce has recorded the highest sales in its 117-year history of the brand, with 5,586 units sold worldwide.

BMW sales reached a new all-time high of 2,213,795 units (+ 9.1%) last year, with the brand leading the global premium segment. The company also doubled its sales of fully electric vehicles in 2021 to 103,855 units (+ 133.2%).

BMW’s rival Daimler has not done so well. Mercedes-Benz sales fell 5% in 2021 to just over two million units, losing its crown to BMW for the first time in five years as the world’s top-selling premium automaker.

Together, Mercedes-Benz Cars and Vans delivered 2.4 million units in 2021, with a significant setback in the fourth quarter: sales decreased by 24.7%. Precisely the German market has been the hardest hit, with a decrease of 25.5%.

“The semiconductor supply situation continues to be volatile and the shortage is expected to affect the coming quarters in terms of production and sales,” the star firm has warned.

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