TikTok tests links to other videos in descriptions

We already knew that TikTok would bring new changes to its service throughout this year, now finding ourselves with some tests that the video platform is carrying out with the aim that users can give more visibility to the videos.

In this regard, now they are testing the possibility of adding links to other videos already published within the description of a new video that is about to be published, being able to add a maximum of 15 links to your other videos.

For it, TikTok introduces a third button for “videos” that will accompany the existing “#hashtags” and “@amigos” buttons, and that it will be the one that facilitates users to introduce links to up to a total of 15 videos that they also have published in their accounts.

Boosting the visibility of creators’ videos

In this way, if a video goes viral and in its description it has links to other videos, These other videos will also benefit from the arrival of a greater number of visits, and vice versa, something that will especially benefit brands and creators, according to Matt Navarra on your Twitter account.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that the descriptions are always located at the bottom of the published videos, next to the author’s name, effect used if one has been used, and more, which will allow a user to know more than one creator by visiting other videos of the same.

At the moment we do not know when the new feature might be available, if it graduates or stays in one more test, as the main technology companies are used to. If they choose to graduate the test on a stable feature, it is likely that it will reach all users in a few months.

We will have to be attentive to the official information that the platform releases at the time, although there is no doubt that this type of maneuver will serve to gain advantage against rivals, to which it continues to be difficult to catch up in creative capacities.

And what a creator wants is that his videos can be seen a greater number of times as possible. Let’s wait, then, for the next movements of this platform, which has generated so much traffic on the Internet over the past year.

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