Transport Minister Wissing: Concentration on electric drive – Tesla as a model

Transport Minister Volker Wissing wants to fully rely on electric mobility for cars. The FDP politician told the “Tagesspiegel Background” specialist service: “We have to use the various energy sources where they are most efficient. In cars, that’s the electric drive.” Wissing is taking a different course than his predecessor Andreas Scheuer (CSU), who had also relied on the use of so-called synthetic fuels (e-fuels).

Wissing said that e-fuels will be needed primarily for air traffic. “In the foreseeable future, however, we will not have enough e-fuels to operate the cars with combustion engines that are now approved.” The minister went on to say: “If you look at the EU regulation, you can see that the decision in favor of e-mobility has long been made.” If the switch is accelerated, Germany can also achieve the target of at least 15 million fully electric cars by 2030, which the new federal government is aiming for.

Tesla as a role model for German manufacturers

Wissing also sees it as the task of the German automotive industry to convince people. “Tesla has succeeded in inspiring many buyers with its models, which I would also like to see for the German automobile manufacturers.” The federal government will ensure that charging with renewable electricity remains affordable. That is why he can only advise switching to CO2-neutral drives. The use of fossil fuels will become more expensive in the future.

The FDP politician wants to make it easier for the cities to impose a speed limit of 30 on their streets. “The local authorities know best what is good for their residents. That is why I am open to different approaches and areas of experimentation.” However, he is not convinced of an area-wide speed of 30. This speed limit is rather less useful on thoroughfares. (dpa / mer)

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