Twitch to take further steps to stop harassment on the platform

The Twitch team summarized all the tools released in 2021 to stop harassment and abuse on the platform.

And of course, he also anticipated the measures that will be implemented during 2022 for the safety of users.

New Twitch Measures to Curb Harassment and Abuse

Twitch implemented a series of tools and policies in 2021 to curb bullying, but as Angela Hession, vice president of trust and global security of Twitch, the past year has been marked by unprecedented attacks against streamers on the platform.

And while the measures taken have not been enough to eradicate harassment and abuse, they have managed to stop some attacks and eliminate more than 15 million bot accounts that were used to generate spam and harass users.

We may never be able to remove them entirely, but several updates this year, including site-wide back-end technology and Creator tools like phone verified chat, have significantly reduced their number.

And to improve results in 2022, he mentioned that they will focus on empowering communities, giving more control over content, deterring harmful behaviors and improving safety education.

We continue to work on proactive detection updates throughout the site, as well as taking legal action against the people who carried out many of the attacks.

And to meet these goals, some of the measures that Twitch plans to implement this year are to update its sexual content policy, provide more educational content in its Safety Center, improve the user reporting and appeals system, and other news. So creators can take advantage of its artificial intelligence tool to detect suspicious users.

The Twitch team promises that we will see many updates this year in order to meet these goals and keep users safe.

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