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There are many tools that help us make small video edits for free. From the OpenShot installers to the Flexclip web, all of them allow you to cut, change the speed, put filters and much more.

Today we will talk about an even simpler option, which does not even need registration, and which works on all operating systems, since it is 100% web.

Is about, a website in which we only have to select the effect we want to give it and upload the file to start editing.

Once the material is uploaded, the options corresponding to the type of edition that we have requested will appear. In the image below you have an example of what appears when we select to change speed, the options in the upper right and the export button below, to obtain the edited version.

edit video

As you can see, it is not useful for making several edits at the same time, nor can it be compared to a professional video editor, but it can be useful for making some quick adjustments without having to complicate your life creating accounts or installing programs.

It offers both editing options and compression options, to make the video smaller, but if we want to do it in the same video, we will have to upload it again, so the flow is: upload original video, make the first edition, export it, upload the exported video, make a new edition … and so on all the time.

In the menu there is access to the most used functions, including compressing, joining and separating a video into other chunks.

One option that attracts attention is the automatic creation of slides, as well as the one that makes the video go to reverse.

Useful and practical, just the way I like it.

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