All-time high in 2021: Liqui Moly is growing strongly and has big goals

The oil and additive manufacturer Liqui Moly increased significantly in 2021 and, according to its own statements, reached a new “all-time high”. Accordingly, the company’s sales for the year as a whole rose by 20 percent to 733 million euros. A new sales record was set every month from February to November.

Managing Director Ernst Prost is quoted in the statement: “That is significantly more than we had expected in view of the difficult year. It shows what is possible, despite these adverse circumstances.” The Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of raw materials and strained supply chains had hit the industry hard in some cases during this period.

Big plus in the US

In addition, Liqui Moly expanded its business fields. In Germany and Austria, the restructured gas station business grew strongly. Overall, sales for these two countries increased by 12 percent. In Austria, the company founded a subsidiary in January 2022 to expand its position in the market.

In exports, the plus was even greater at 28 percent. There, in turn, the countries in which Liqui Moly operates the market through its own subsidiaries made a particular contribution to growth. Sales in the USA, the most important export market, increased by 50 percent; in Italy it has doubled.

Billions in sales at a glance

Prost is extremely self-confident about the future. “There is still a lot of potential waiting for us everywhere. That’s why internationalization and diversification is so extremely important for us,” he said according to the announcement. “Ten years ago our turnover was 343 million euros. When we talked about a goal of one billion euros in sales, we were laughed at. Now the billion is within reach.” (mer)

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