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Amazfit Powerbuds at an absolutely low price

Amazfit is basically developing its devices around sports, which is why they are famous for their watches. Several members of the editorial staff also use Amazfit watch, and we also play sports actively in it. Powerbuds is an earphone designed and manufactured by Amazfit, which best for sports, but also recommended for everyday use.

The tool can show some very interesting innovations, but basically it should be noted that his voice is very beautiful and this is not a negligible factor for a headset. Especially compared to the price, it sounds great, but it also holds ground in the higher categories.

In-ear type of device, but not only does the rubber bells stay inside the ear, but magnetic hooks are also added, which keep the ears in the ear canal even when the sweat is rupturing from us. The good thing about these hooks is that you don’t have to put them on, so it won’t be ugly in casual wear, we won’t look at it on the bus to stare at it.

It has several useful functions, you can set it up for example bass boostwhich is useful while playing sports and there is a Thru mode when allows noise from the environment, so you can travel more safely with the headset in your ear. As befits a high-end device, this also includes an application, where you can even change the tone.

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