Amazon Alexa: Update enables shared shopping lists and brings TikTok to the Echo Show

users of Amazon Alexa can look forward to two new functions: shopping lists can be shared and TikTok videos can be viewed on the Echo Show.

Customers can now share their shopping list with selected contacts using the voice command “Alexa, send my shopping list” – a practical function that we felt was long overdue. Shopping lists are available on all Echo devices and the Alexa app after contacts are linked in the Alexa app.

If you want even more convenience for managing shopping lists, you should take a look at the free app Bring and the related ones Bring Alexa Skill throw.


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Echo Show now also plays TikTok videos

In addition, the clips from the video platform can now be viewed on the Echo Show devices. To get started, just say the voice command “Alexa, open TikTok”. Alternatively, you can also ask for specific video content thematically, for example “Alexa, show me dance videos on TikTok” or “Alexa, show me sports videos on TikTok”. It is possible to register with a personal account, but this is not mandatory.

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