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An air purifier is the solution against heating smog

Unfortunately, it is a winter phenomenon that people start heating by the thousands in the cold months and due to poverty, not only good dry wood is thrown on the fire, but also wet, sticky, painted construction debris. This will be a damn big smog in the smaller villages, but even in the towns. This air is very unhealthy and unfortunately it drops into our apartment as well. The air purifier quickly helps with this problem because it eliminates bad odors and also filters out particles harmful to the body.

The Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H is a very powerful model. It also covers 600 cubic meters in an hourso you can keep the air in an entire apartment clean. In comparison, its size is not so dangerous 31x31x73.8 centimeters. The machine may be operating fully automatic, monitors the air quality and selects the operating mode accordingly. For example, pointing the window in smogy weather will quickly increase performance. Of course, we can control it manually, and because also available from a smartphoneso even you can switch it on remotely and schedule it. On the side of one OLED touch screen we got a place where we can see the PM2.5 value, which shows the amount of very small, harmful particles in the air. The device cleans the air using a multi-layer filter with activated carbon, and on this model it is enough to change this insert only every 14 months.

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