An online simulator to be an astronaut for a few minutes

online simulator

It is not easy to dock a ship to the ISS, the International Space Station, and now there is an online simulator that can help us prove it.

This is a program created by SpaceX engineers so that we can see how it is possible to dock SpaceX’s Dragon2 spacecraft using the same controls used by astronauts on the mission.

While there are already players who achieve it in just 20 seconds, others can take almost half an hour, it depends a lot on the patience, experience and skill that we have with this type of activity.

as you see in, the controls are quite realistic, with a screen to view data on movements and speed. We can perform the proper roll and pitch as we get closer, slowing down and accelerating so no misfortune happens.

The process can be done either with the mouse or the keyboard, controlling the movement with the WASDQE keys and using the cursor, comma and period keys to control the rotation of the ship. As soon as we start we will see the controls at the bottom (I recommend always using the keyboard, with the mouse it is really a real mess).

Apparently NASA uses it as part of their educational program, so it’s not just a game, it really helps to understand how things are “out there”. Logically there are real variables that are not taken into account, but you have to start with something, right?

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