Apple iPad deals: The best deals on iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro


iPad offers are currently few and far between, not least because of the supply bottlenecks in the electronics sector. The Apple tablets are still cheaper and available from time to time. We show you the best prices for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini.

We'll show you where you can currently get the best deals for iPads.

We’ll show you where you can currently get the best deals for iPads. (Source: nd3000 /

Tablets from home Apple are one thing above all: price stable and not exactly cheap. But there are regularly good offers where you can sometimes get the devices much cheaper than usual. Do you need an iPad? Then you should take a closer look at the following deals.

Note: The current delivery bottlenecks also affect iPads. Some models are currently only available with a long delivery time.

Below we go into the differences between the iPad models so that you can find the right model for you.

Comparison of iPad models

Apple offers four different iPad models, the “normal” iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro. Which iPad the right one for you is, we summarize you in detail in the linked comparison. Below we give you a brief overview of the most important differences.

iPad Pro: lots of power, no compromises

Thanks to the M1 chip (like in the Mac), the iPad Pro has tremendous performance and is suitable for even the most complex photo and video work. Thanks to the support for Apple Pencil 2 and keyboard, it can replace a notebook.

Im Test convinced us the iPad Pro therefore, among other things, due to its impressive performance values. The bright and high-contrast display with 120 Hertz and the LiDAR-Sensor found our approval. The iPad Pro is available with 11 and 12 inch displays. It is also the only iPad with a USB-C socket to date.

iPad Air: A Pro with few compromises

The iPad Air looks almost identical to the iPad Pro. You only have to make a few compromises here, which primarily affect the camera, the display and the performance. The iPad Air has stereo speakers, but only two instead of four like the iPad Pro. The display is still extremely good, but it’s not quite as bright and it doesn’t have the high refresh rate.

The iPad Air makes up for the drawbacks compared to the Pro compared to the regular iPad. The iPad Air surpasses Apple’s entry-level tablet in all of the points mentioned. It is also compatible with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. In our iPad Air (2020) Review we came to the conclusion that it is the perfect tablet for most people.

iPad mini: The small iPad Air

The iPad mini is now a bit old and dates from 2019. It is therefore more reminiscent of the previous iPad Air models and has a major advantage here: the display. Compared to the regular iPad, this is laminated. There is therefore no gap between the display glass and the LED panel. If typing on the regular iPad sounds rather hollow, this is not the case with the iPad mini.

The tablet also supports True Tone and offers an anti-relfex coating and an extended color space. The processor uses the A12 Bionic chip, which is also installed in the regular iPad. It still has very good performance in 2021 and ensures smooth operation in everyday life.

You can use the Apple iPad mini with the First generation Apple Pencil. It can also be used with a Bluetooth keyboard. in the Test convinced us the iPad mini 5 mainly due to its compact format. But we also praised the performance and display. However, the design is now a bit old-fashioned. Anyone looking for a handy, powerful tablet or an e-reader replacement will be happy with the iPad mini.

iPad: Ideal for homeschooling and sofa

The regular iPad makes some compromises compared to the other models, especially when it comes to the display. Here it does without a laminated screen, True Tone, anti-reflective coating and a high refresh rate. Nevertheless, this model also offers a very good display with great colors and good contrasts.

Like the iPad mini 5, the regular iPad also has two speakers. However, they do not deliver a stereo sound in landscape format because they are on the bottom of the device. But the iPad is still the cheapest model. On Black Friday you can often get it from around 300 euros.

In our Test scored the iPad primarily because of its performance, the high-quality display, the long battery life and the overall good price-performance ratio. If you mainly use the tablet at home, the iPad is the model of choice thanks to its low price. The regular iPad also supports the use of the Apple Pencil (first generation), and the “Smart Keyboard” keyboard case can also be used.

Laptop replacement: With pen and keyboard

If you are looking for a tablet with pen is looking for, an iPad is the ideal tablet for you. Although the Apple Pencils are not exactly cheap, you can easily use the iPad for note taking, painting and drawing with them. This is not only a real advantage at work, but also at school and university.

With the support of keyboards, you can turn the tablet into a real notebook in no time at all. Apple has adapted its operating system in such a way that operation with keyboard commands and with a connected mouse is possible without any problems.

iPad suitable as a children’s tablet?

The iPad is the ideal tablets for children and adults. The device offers parents many restriction options in the form of a far-reaching child protection. For smaller children, we recommend a good protective cover so that nothing can happen even if they fall.

The advantages of the iPad are the long update support of several years, the high performance and the good displays. An iPad can easily be used for five years and grows with the child. In addition, there are extremely many high quality apps in the App Store that are perfectly adapted to the iPad. Here you will find applications for all ages.

Reach for the previous model?

Predecessor models are often also on offer. Is it worth buying? Not always. We advise against buying a predecessor of the regular iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air. The models are usually not worthwhile cheaper in the price comparison, and you also have to make significant compromises in some cases. The situation is different with the iPad Pro.

Even the predecessors from 2018 and 2020 still have a lot of power here. These models are often a few hundred euros cheaper than the current model series. The table below gives you an overview of the latest models. Note: The model numbers differ depending on the equipment.

model Generation Publishing year model numbers
iPad 9. Generation 2021 A2602, A2603, A2605, A2604
iPad Air 4. Generation 2020 A2316, A2324, A2325, A2072
iPad mini 6. Generation 2021 A2567, A2568, A2569
iPad Pro 11 3. Generation 2021 A2377, A2459, A2301, A2460
iPad Pro 12,9 5. Generation 2021 A2378, A2461, A2379, A2462

Apple iPads – latest models

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