Elon Musk confesses that the Lotus Elise was not the best base to create the Tesla Roadster

To err is a human thing. And the most successful are not saved either. In fact, most of the latter tend to record in their memoirs both their best moments and their big blunders.

But Elon Musk you don’t need a biographer to air your regrets. The well-known CEO of Tesla is an indisputable public figure who, moreover, invests a lot of time in your social networks. Ads, humor, memes… And also, self-criticism. For example, recognizing that was wrong to use the Lotus Elise as a base to create the first Tesla Roadster. This was stated in a response on Twitter to a technology blog.

Precisely, the Whole Mars blog thread reports evolution in approach of the construction of electric vehicles: “In recent decades, the way of building electric vehicles has changed radically. At first, they were conversions of combustion cars”.

Y puts Tesla’s first product as an example: “Take a car like the Lotus Elise and convert it to electric by fitting a large battery into the set. This would end up not being the best way to build an electric.”

The message has had Musk’s own approval, who replies: “It was a mistake to try to use the Elise. In the end, we only used 5% of parts from the Elise. The Tesla Roadster is a completely different car.”

The mistake that put Tesla on the map

Tesla Roadster

Although it seems like it was yesterday, the original Tesla Roadster It dates back to 2006. By then Musk, who had entered the company as a shareholder, was already in complete control. Seeking to avoid depending on other manufacturers, he decided develop on your own both the propulsion system and its batteries and control electronics. To do this, he registered nearly 300 patents.

Indeed, the chassis and passenger compartment were taken from the Elise. But unlike the Norfolk sports car, the Roadster’s bodywork was carbon fiber. Behind the seats, the electric motor delivered a power equivalent to 291 hp. The estimated autonomy was about 350 km.

In 2012, production of the Tesla Roadster ceased. due to the end of the agreement that Tesla had with Lotus for the use of its chassis. In that six-year period, the Californian firm managed to sell 2,400 copies, the profits of which allowed the development of the Model S. The car that Musk did want to build from the beginning.

However, fans of the brand still waiting for the return of the Roadster. It was announced by Musk in 2017, promising a completely new coupe concept capable of exceeding 400 km/h and offering a range of 1,000 km. But for the moment, deliveries of its launch edition have only been delayed, with 2023 being the last proposed date.

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