In principle, sales of the Huawei P50 Pro and Pocket will begin in Europe on January 25th

According to Bulgarian sources, the P50 Pro and P50 Pocket will be available in January.


Huawei has long been a top model in European distribution, but the P50 Pro and P50 Pocket will reach us as well, although apparently the lack of GMS continues to put the manufacturer at a competitive disadvantage in the region. At the same time, the big question is whether we will see HarmonyOS in the European release, or still an Android-based HMS, but according to current information, this will be revealed in a few weeks, because the European premiere of the model is imminent.


Knowing that the P50 Pro and P50 Pocket will be coming to us, there is no information yet about the appearance of the smooth P50. Both products are already officially in existence, as the Chinese demo of the P50 Pro has already taken place here they are specific information, and for the collapsible Pocket we wrote here in detail. Both devices are very promising in terms of hardware, but they don’t look cheap at Chinese prices anymore, in any case, nothing has been leaked about European pricing yet.


On the other hand, it seems certain that although the new features will come with the Snapdragon 888 chipset, communication with 5G networks will not be an option: Huawei will still not be able to use this technology due to embargo restrictions. Although the P50 Pro and Pocket are trying to strengthen Huawei’s smartphone business, there has been a recent shift in focus towards smart devices and the hitherto mobile-focused product line relies less and less on phones, but Huawei does not want to give up this line either. the company’s mobiles are still sold on the domestic market.

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