in the turbo of their cars!

For a turbocharger to perform its function of increase the amount of air entering the engine, you need to turn your blades with a certain force. That force usually comes from the exhaust gases, which produces a certain delay in the response when we accelerate fully.

But what if that delay did not exist? What if it was possible to get all the oomph from the get-go? That is what Porsche wants to get with the electric turbo that has just been patented.

As reported by the US media CarBuzz, the Stuttgart firm has registered in that country an idea that seeks extract even more benefits of this type of aspiration, while improving its efficiency in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

A curious mix of concepts

Porsche Turbo Electric

Photo: CarBuzz

In a way vaguely similar to current Formula 1 engines, Porsche physically separates the turbo into two halves. On the one hand, the turbine at the exhaust end is replaced by two smaller ones, which take advantage of the force of the gases expelled by the engine to power a generator.

This generator is one of the innovative components of the system, and is responsible for supply electricity to a compressor which -in turn- is the other half of the turbo that accelerates the air inlet from admission.

Porsche Turbo Electric

Photo: CarBuzz

In between, one valve remains closed while the engine is cranking at low rpm in order to maximize energy use. As the driver accelerates, it can open up at high rpm to relieve circuit pressure and keep it at its sweet spot.

As Porsche itself suggests in the patent text, this also makes it possible to obtain high power figures with much lower turbo pressures than usual.

At the moment, Porsche has not revealed if this patent will end up becoming a reality applied to their next releases. But you already have everything recorded ‘just in case’. So it wouldn’t be strange to find such a system under the rear hood of the future either. 911 Turbo.

Photo | CarBuzz

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