Insecure software: Hackers were able to remotely control the functions of over 25 Teslas

Third-party software may make Tesla vehicles vulnerable to hackers. At least that’s what a 19-year-old IT security specialist from Germany by the name of David Colombo claims. He tweeted this week that he had remote access to functions on more than 25 Teslas in 13 countries.

The news service Bloomberg then reported that Colombo had provided evidence for his claims when asked. For example, he showed screenshots of a private chat with a Tesla owner, in whose car Colombo said he was able to operate the horn, among other things. In other cases he was able to unlock doors and windows, turn on the headlights and the music system and even start the cars.

Affected software should remain secret

Colombo has therefore asked Bloomberg not to publish details about the manufacturer of the third-party software because they have not yet corrected the disclosed security defects. In the wrong hands, the defect could be dangerous for the owners of the affected cars. He made Tesla and the operator of the unsafe software aware of the problem. (mer)

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