Instagram prepares a new option to view TikTok-style stories

Instagram is carrying out a new test, with a small group of users, which allows us to see a new style in the display of Stories.

And yes, it is also a dynamic that we have already seen on TikTok. So get ready to find a new similarity between Instagram and TikTok.

As mentioned Matt NavarraInstagram is testing a vertically scrolling Stories feed in Turkey. Yes, just like the TikTok feed or the dynamics that we find in the Reels section.

So you would no longer have to swipe to move left or right, instead you would always scroll vertically. While it’s not a huge change, there’s no denying that it feels a lot more natural to scroll through the vertical feed, as that’s how we consume all content on mobile.

From the Facebook News Feed to YouTube homepage videos. And of course, it would be another Instagram strategy to further boost video content and it will be consistent with the Reels feed.

Instagram already hinted at this proposal last year, but it was not an operational function. However, there are now screenshots of how this new dynamic works. Of course, still on a trial basis, and only for a group of users.

It will be necessary to see if Instagram decides to implement this dynamic of “vertical stories” in any of its future updates. Let’s remember that there are many Instagram features still in testing, and some new features that should arrive in the coming months.

For example, the return of the long-awaited chronological feed, which will be part of a new dynamic that will allow you to choose how to view Instagram posts. So many news are expected during 2022.

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