iPhone 14 Pro: This display-hole combination is a topic of conversation


The notch should go away on the iPhone 14. But what a well-informed analyst has found out about the alternative is causing conversation among Apple fans.

This computer generated image is intended to show the top of the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

This computer generated image is intended to show the top of the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). (Source: Twitter)

  • The well-known display analyst Ross Young tweeted about the display of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro.
  • According to him, Apple will rely on two “punch holes”.
  • One display hole is round, the other is pill-shaped.

Rumors surrounding the for Apple expected the iPhone 14 in autumn 2022 pick up speed. Especially the two Pro variants are thanks to one Technology jumps at the cameras in conversation. Display analyst Ross Young now brings the shape of the iPhone display into play.

In the past, Young has often been correct in his statements about Apple products that have not yet been released. Earlier this week he tweeted about the “Hole+Pill design” of the two iPhone 14 Pro variants. Both the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are said to be targeting customers with two smaller screen gaps instead of a continuous notch. No more talk of complete disappearance of the notch.

The notch as a characteristic

The excitement behind this is great, as many observers assume that Apple will completely do away with the notch. The renderings and information published by Ross Young, on the other hand, speak a different language, seem like a temporary solution.

As Apple at iPhone X Replaced Touch ID with Face ID and thus made the notch socially acceptable, there were many critical voices. Later, many users no longer noticed the gap – on the contrary, the notch became a distinguishing feature of the iPhones, which themselves were Competitors like Samsung were “ennobled”..

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