Marvel director at Final Destination 6 production

Jon Watts, director of the Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland, will produce a sixth installment of the Final Destination 6 saga for HBO Max.

Sequels, reboots and other spinoff productions are legion in Hollywood. Final destination, a symbol of the horror genre in the 2000s will not escape it since a sixth opus is in preparation. A project announced in 2019, which had to be relegated to the background because of the pandemic and the shutdown of many filming. Now, even if the health crisis is not entirely behind us, New Line is speeding things up behind the scenes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jon Watts will be producing the feature film. The director of Spider-Man : No Way Home, which is a hit across the world, should not appear behind the camera, however. He is currently engaged in a vast contract with Marvel which will allow him in particular to put in images the first adventures of Fantastic 4 in the MCU. It could also return to the realization of a fourth installment of the adventures of Peter Parker, announced by Marvel a few days after the release of the last film with Tom Holland.

However, still according to the American media, he would have signed the starting ideas of this new opus of Final destination. The script writing was nevertheless entrusted to Lori Evans Taylor (Wicked Wicked Games) et Guy Busick (Wedding Nightmare).

Sur HBO Max

Unlike the rest of the saga, this new opus should not benefit from a theatrical release. The project will directly join the HBO Max catalog. One way for the platform to attract many subscribers passionate about productions of the genre, but also to bet on nostalgia.

As a reminder, Final destination followed the adventures of young people who have premonitions and who find out how they are going to die. After having narrowly escaped it, and saving other people, they must now face death personified, not really happy to have been deprived of several souls to glean. As for the plot, we do not yet know which path will take this new component. It could be a reboot or a completely new plot. We will probably have to wait for a synopsis or a first trailer to be posted online to find out.

Rather uneven, the saga had nevertheless achieved some success, amassing no less than 700 million all episodes combined. This is far from the first time that the audiovisual giants have resuscitated successful horrific franchises. This is currently the case with Scream, which plunges us 20 years after the series of murders of the first film of Wes Craven. Unfortunately, the result is not always up to our expectations …

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