New option to have photo galleries on the Internet

Picflow is the new option available to photographers to be able to give visibility to their work on the Internet through elegant photo galleries, compatible with different types of devices thanks to their adaptive designs.

In beta, with some features still in development, photographers will also be able to market their work, be in permanent contact with their clients, and receive different forms of assessment from them, depending on whether they optionally activate it.

This platform offers lovers of Photography quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to setting the design of your galleries thanks to the different options available.

Galleries will be public by default, although there are also ways to make them private, depending on the settings that you establish for each one that you create.

In this sense, for each one of them they will be able to establish ppassword protection, enable the need for them to identify themselves with their names, allow them the possibility of leaving their comments on each of the images, or even enable the downloads of individual images and/or all the images of the same gallery through a .zip file, and more, all through a completely intuitive user interface.

There are several functions, plus those that are pending to come later, although not all current functions are available to all users. In this regard, bearing in mind that it is a service freemium, users will be able to start with their free version, where they will get 2 GB of storage forever, and with access to a series of specific functions.

If they want to have the rest of the functions, they can choose the two existing paid pricing plans, both of which also have a free 14-day trial and without the need for credit cards.

Users will be able to start on the platform either by filling out a simple registration form, or by entering directly through their Google accounts.

There was a time when this type of service aroused greater interest, where Flickr It has been a reference for a long time, although today, the average user wants to share their photos on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

It is already a matter of interested photographers evaluating this new option and then deciding whether or not to stay with it. For now it is available via the web, although they promise that image uploads are done very quickly.

Link: Picflow

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