No date for phasing out combustion engines: BMW is sticking to its openness to technology

While other manufacturers are already naming dates for saying goodbye to the combustion engine, BMW wants to keep several options open. “We are working on a new generation of engines: petrol, diesel, six-cylinder, eight-cylinder,” said Development Director Frank Weber of “Auto, Motor und Sport”. The state-of-the-art combustion engine is needed “for a few more years”, mainly due to the lack of charging stations. The individual markets are at different stages of development in this respect and customers will not be forced to switch to electric cars. “Of course the future is electric,” Weber admitted. However, he resisted an exit date set by politicians.

The new seven will be available with both a combustion engine and a purely electric drive. BMW is not planning its own electric model in this segment, in contrast to its rival Mercedes-Benz, which has developed its own luxury sedan with an electric drive, the EQS. At BMW, says Weber, the customer should be able to choose between different drives for several years to come. For later, Weber announced that he also wanted to bring volume models like the Dreier and the X3 as pure electric cars.

Weber’s fellow board member Nicolas Peter told the Reuters news agency that the electric version of the X1 should come onto the market this year, followed by the electrically powered five-series a year later.

Porsche is also taking a multi-pronged approach: on the one hand, with the Taycan, the Stuttgart-based company has a purely electric model in its range and is planning more purely electric cars in the coming years. On the other hand, they rely on e-fuels in order to be able to keep the iconic 911 sports car alive, at least as a hybrid.

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