Not before 2023: Tesla is postponing the start of Cybertruck production again

Buyers and admirers of Tesla’s futuristic pickup model Cybertruck apparently have to wait longer for the vehicle than previously thought. As the Reuters news agency reports with reference to an insider, Tesla has postponed the start of production at the Texas plant until the first quarter of 2023. The electric truck was actually supposed to go into series production there by the end of 2022, after the start of production had originally been targeted for 2021.

The reason for the renewed postponement of production is said to be that Tesla wants to further develop features and functions before the first customers receive their cybertruck. Competitors like Ford and Rivian have already left Tesla behind in the race for an electrically powered pickup truck. Tesla boss Elon Musk had already presented the Cybertruck to the public in 2019. The pickup market segment has traditionally been particularly important in the United States.

In November, Musk spoke on Twitter of a “supply chain nightmare” with regard to the delays in the Cybertruck. (mer)

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