premieres face and multimedia display, from 26,376 euros

The Ford Focus just to update slightly, as has also done the Ford Fiesta, so as not to lose slack against their rivals. And we already know the prices of the renewed compact, which starts in its access version in the 26.376 euros without any discount applied.

In this minimal renewal it maintains measures and engines, but receives some aesthetic adjustments, essentially on the front, a new automatic gearbox of seven relationships and one larger media screen and modern.

Its marketing will start this first quarter of 2022 both in five-door bodywork and in the Sportbreak family. In this arrival to the market it will be offered in five finishes or versions: Trend+ (at the moment the base Trend is not included), ST Line, ST Line X, Active and Active X. On the other hand, there are four mechanics gasoline and diesel available, including options mild-hybrid.

Regarding his rivals new Ford Focus It is much more expensive than Opel Astra (part of the 22,700 euros) or the Peugeot 308 (starts at 23,900 euros), but cheaper than the Volkswagen Golf (from 29,835 euros). Be that as it may, it is to be expected that its range will expand and add more affordable options later.

Same recipe, but with slight changes

Ford Focus 2022

The new Ford Focus debuts face: At the front, the grille is now a little higher with the logo dominating the center. In addition, the hood has a more horizontal design than the projection.

Too the optics are renewed, with the inclusion of adaptive LED matrix headlights (which are always optional) except in the sporty ST variant. The rear lights do not change, although it does release a new light signature.

The compact does not change its dimensions, which remain 4.38 m long, 1.82 m wide and 1.47 m high, with a wheelbase of 2.70 m. For its part, the family Focus continues to sign 4.67 m long, 1.82 m wide and 1.49 m high, with a wheelbase of 2.70 m.

But he does trunk, which slightly increases its capacity: it goes from 341 to 358 liters in the five-door body and from 575 to 593 liters in the Sportbreak.

Ford Focus 2022

The other great novelty is the new 13.2-inch touch screen, which rises above the dashboard. The latest generation operating system is managed from it SYNC 4, which presumes to be more accessible and intuitive, since it reduces the submenus.

This new display integrates direct accesses for air conditioning, which are always accessible regardless of the chosen screen. A) Yes, center console reduces physical controls to a minimum. It is combined with the 12.3-inch digital instrumentation, which is still available and unchanged.

Ford Focus 2022

For the rest, the Ford Focus maintains the strategy released in the current and fourth generation of the compact, because in addition to the finish Trend+, includes differential variants such as ST-Line, with a sporty look, or the Active, crossover type and with a higher suspension (+30 mm) or black plastic reinforcements.

Electrification is limited to mild-hybrid versions

Ford Focus 2022

Although in this new installment of the Ford Focus the mechanics do not change, it does release a new seven-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission, which coexists with the already existing eight exclusively for diesels.

Access engines are still the 1.0 EcoBoost 125 hp and the diesel 1.5 EcoBlue de 120 CV. The first is only available with a six-speed manual gearbox, while the second is also offered with an eight-speed automatic.

For its part, the gama mild-hybrid is articulated in two other mechanics 1.0 EcoBoost supported by an electrical system 48V: one of 125 CV and another of 155 CV. Both can be associated with the six-speed manual gearbox or the new seven EDC, being the only ones who have this new box.

Ford Focus 2022

These four engines will be the only ones available in Spain, at least at the start of their marketing. Thus, we are talking about three gasoline engines (two micro-hybrids) and a single diesel engine.

The 280 hp 2.3 EcoBoost block is also present, but it is exclusive to the ST sports variant, which is still present in the renewed Focus.

Electrification is limited to mild-hybrid mechanics, not being on the menu hybrid options as it happens with some of its rivals: Peugeot 308, Opel Astra, SEAT Leon and Volkswagen Golf.

Prices for Spain of the new Ford Focus

Ford Focus 2022

The Ford Focus 2022 starts in the 26.376 euros, corresponding to the 120 hp manual diesel in Trend + finish which, for now, will be the only one available in this access finish.

It is to be hoped that later the more affordable Trend trim will be launched and it will be offered with the 125 hp gasoline which, by tradition, has been its most economical variant.

For his part the Ford Focus Sportbreak part of a price 27.476 euros, also with the manual diesel engine and in the Trend+ finish.

All these prices go without discounts, being the Maximum RRP of each version and including both VAT and taxes and transport.

Ford Focus 5p

trend +





1.0 EcoBoost 125 hp mt6

26.994 euros

28.025 euros

27.332 euros

28.363 euros

1.5 EcoBlue 120 cv mt6

26.376 euros

28.096 euros

29.096 euros

28.421 euros

29.421 euros

1.5 ECOBLUE 120 CV aut8

27.651 euros

30.487 euros

31.519 euros

30.825 euros

31.857 euros

1.0 EcoBoost 125 CV mHEV mt6

27.096 euros

28.096 euros

28.498 euros

29.537 euros

1.0 ECOBOOST 125 hp MHEV aut7

29.817 euros

30.817 euros

30.142 euros

31.142 euros

1.0 EcoBoost 155 CV MHEV mt6

28.296 euros

29.296 euros

28.614 euros

29.602 euros


31.017 euros

32.017 euros

31.342 euros

32.345 euros

Ford Focus Sportbreak

trend +





1.0 EcoBoost 125 hp mt6

28.133 euros

29.173 euros

28.471 euros

29.460 euros

1.5 EcoBlue 120 cv mt6

27.476 euros

29.196 euros

30.147 euros

29.521 euros

30.471 euros

1.5 ECOBLUE 120 CV aut8

29.867 euros

31.627 euros

32.616 euros

31.965 euros

32.954 euros

1.0 EcoBoost 125 CV mHEV mt6

29.303 euros

30.278 euros

29.617 euros

30.606 euros

1.0 ECOBOOST 125 hp MHEV aut7

30.917 euros

31.867 euros

31.256 euros

32.245 euros

1.0 EcoBoost 155 CV MHEV mt6

29.373 euros

30.325 euros

29.698 euros

30.650 euros


32.165 euros

33.155 euros

32.503 euros

33.492 euros

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