The 3.5 million dollars of Pokémon cards bought by Logan Paul were very fake

After spending $3.5 million on Pokémon cards, Logan Paul has finally confirmed that he was scammed.

It is in a seven-minute long video and soberly baptized “I lost $3,500,000 on fake Pokemon cards” that Logan Paul confirmed the (bad) news to his 23.3 million followers. Remember a few weeks ago, the YouTuber spent $ 3.5 million to afford a sealed box filled with first edition Pokémon cards, allegedly authenticated. However, very soon after this announcement, many fans and specialists showed up skeptical of the authenticity of the cards, to the point of asserting that the entire box was undoubtedly filled with counterfeits.

To have the end of the story, the videographer finally went to Chicago, with the objective of having his acquisition again authenticated by the Baseball Card Exchange company. After confirming that nothing appeared suspicious on the sealed package, the expert finally opened the box, and discovered what looks like “the biggest cheat in Pokemon history”.

It will indeed only take a few minutes to realize the obvious: instead of the precious first edition Pokémon cards hoped for, Logan Paul has finally discovered hundreds of GI Joe card packs, “arguably the worst part of the deal” quipped the YouTuber, before concluding: “We got screwed. End of the story”.

Pokémon, champion of the fraudulent market

For several months now, the Pokémon card market has exploded, leading to record high auction prices for some rare cards, and even shortages in some regions. Unsurprisingly, this enthusiasm has resulted in an upsurge in fraud, to the point that today, it is very easy to find (and therefore resell) counterfeit cards.

In a previous article, we explained to you the precautions to take when buying and reselling, in order to ensure that a pokemon card is genuine. Remember that last November, more than seven tons of fake Pokémon cards which were stopped by Chinese customs. Regarding online resale, the giant eBay itself was forced to change its sales policy.

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