the cast of the Disney+ series is expanding

Disney unveils the cast of the series inspired by Benjamin Gates, which is to be released on its platform.

Disney+ continues to draw on its biggest hits to expand its offer. After giving us a reboot of Mom I missed the plane, the platform will resuscitate its national treasure: Benjamin Gates. This return will take the form of a derivative series, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, already at work on the previous films.

As a reminder of the facts, Benjamin Gates follows the adventures of a history buff who must restore the image of his family. In his quest for the truth, he uncovers the mysteries behind the greatest events in American history. But he is often not the only one to covet his hidden treasures, and must use force or cunning to achieve his ends.

Without Nicholas Cage

This time, the adventure will be without Nicholas Cage. However, it will be a question of exploring its heritage and reinventing the universe with new characters and challenges. This time around, we’ll follow the adventures of young Jess, as she searches for answers about her origins and her family. But she will quickly realize that the truth about her past is closely linked to a lost Pan American treasure.

Halfway between The Cities of Gold and Indiana Jones, National Tresure (original name of this new production) should thus attract those nostalgic for works with Nicolas Cage while introducing young viewers to the licence. Moreover, the platform relies on a cast of young shoots to attract crowds. The main character will be played by Lisette Alexis, who will sign her first major production here. We will also find Lyndon Smith (Parenthood) and Jordan Rodrigues (The Fosters) who will play opposite Antonio Cirpiano (City on a Hill).

Behind the camera, it is Mira Nair who will work. The filmmaker, to whom we owe Vanity Fair released in 2004, will feature the screenplay written by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley. The couple is also no stranger to the license since they had already written the first two opuses for the big screen.

The feature film still relevant?

It has long been rumored that a third installment in the saga will be developed for the big screen. However, this project has so far never seen the light of day and things are obviously far from being recorded according to Diane Kruger. Asked by, the actress confides that she has not been contacted to resume her role, which is nevertheless essential.

“I really do not know. Nobody ever contacted me about the third one, so I don’t know. I feel like at this point we are far too old. Never say never, but it’s been a while now!”

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