The International Transport Association asks the Government to act in the face of the unstoppable rise in natural gas

Before him unstoppable increase in the price of natural gas, that has skyrocketed in the last month to reach a 100% rise, the International Road Transport Association (Astic) has appealed to the head of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez.

They ask the governmentto adopt urgent measures to prevent the closure of the transport companies that have fleets powered by natural gas” that cannot afford these prices.

In addition, Astic asks the executive to establish for natural gas -in its compressed gas (CNG) or liquefied gas (LNG) modality- a price revision clause of transport depending on the evolution of this fossil fuel, as is the case with diesel.

A sector concerned about the rising price of energy


Does less than a month that the National Road Transport Committee (CNTC), of which Astic is a member, called off in extremis the lockout of transportation of goods that coincided with the days of Christmas.

It did so because, after endless meetings, it agreed with the Ministry of Transport to apply a transport price revision clause depending on the evolution of the price of diesel, which will be included in the first quarter of the year in a Decree-law.

In the meetings with the Ministry of Transport that took place at that time, Astic already requested that this formula also be applied to natural gas in the short term and to electricity (in the medium-long term). now they ask speed in their actions and more support by the Government.

Something that they also request from the National Federation of Associations of Carriers of Spain (FENADISMER).

For its part, although the Ministry already promised to study this measure for natural gas, it also warned the employers that for the time being could not be applied in the same regulation in which they currently work, since unlike what happens with diesel, in the case of natural gas “they do not have an accepted national indicator for the evolution of the price of energy”.

Variations in the international price of natural gas affect Spain with a time frame of six months. This is what has caused 2022 to start with a 100% rise in price, as a result of factors such as higher demand, or “tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and the European Union and Belarus,” according to Astic.

The association anticipates that “these exorbitant rates will continue for the next three months and surely even more than six.”

Currently, in Spain there between 12,000 and 15,000 trucks powered by natural gas, which, for Astic, represent the forefront of the energy transition in the road transport sector, where the vast majority of vehicles continue to be diesel.

Bearing in mind that the price of natural gas is at more than two euros per kilo, “the monthly extra cost of each LNG truck in relation to its diesel equivalent is around 3,000 euros”, for which Astic is considering the alternative that “this fleet of trucks stops working and its drivers are included in the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE)” if they do not have more aid.

For its part, the Union of Comodal Transport Operators (which belongs to Astic), adds fuel to the fire and complains about the new rates announced by Renfe Mercancías for its multi-client trains, which come into force imminently and have wanted to remind to the Ministry led by Raquel Sánchez its commitment to promote freight traffic by rail.

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