The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra comes with a feature-rich stylus

Motorola has not given up on laptops, in addition to the simpler G Stylus models, a more complex solution is expected.


A Samsung Note series and the Galaxy S21 Ultrát except there is not really an alternative if one is looking for a stylus that offers complex functionality. Galaxy Note did not arrive last year, LG deserted the Pen along with the Motorola series, currently only Motorola has made a valid offer in this genre, although the Moto G Stylus series is a much more modest solution than Samsung’s. You can change this in Motorola Edge 30 Ultra.


Although the most serious model in the Edge 30 product line is a non-enclosed stylus with an active Bluetooth connection, it offers gesture control, motion control and other functions similar to the S Pen (mouse pointer on external display, media control, etc.). According to XDA’s exclusive information, the input device will be kept alive by wireless charging, and the Motorola Folio Case will come in handy. (Although the add-on may not be marketed under this name, it is currently indifferent.)


The stylus is located on the back of the book-like case, and a window on the front allows you to view information that is always active and handle calls without having to open the case.

The Motorla Edge 30 Ultra in principle It will work with a 6.67-inch, 144-Hz AMOLED panel with HDR10 + support, and a 60-megapixel self-contained camera can be inserted into their large camera holes. THE the rear set is available in a combination of 50 (main camera) + 50 (ultra-wide) + 2 megapixels (depth sensor), and the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip can come with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

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