the sedan is no longer sold in our country, anticipating the end of its production in March

The Ford Mondeo he has stopped being sold in Spain: the sedan is no longer available in the brand’s configurator. His death had already been announced Ford confirmed last year that this model would cease to be produced at the end of March this 2022.

After 30 years on the market and close to five million units sold, the sedan in the oval passes to a better life, engulfed by the SUV fashion. In theory it will be replaced by an SUV this year, although at the moment there is no information about this new model beyond spy photos and various rumors.

It is pointed out that it will be a variant for the European market of the Ford Evos, an SUV coupé presented in the spring of 2021 and exclusive to the Chinese market. But already at that time there was talk that it would have a European version to occupy the Mondeo square.

Just over 2,000 units sold in Spain in two years

Ford Mondeo 2019

In March 2021, Ford announced that would eliminate gradually the Ford Mondeo at the end of March this 2022. Thus, they implied that it was going to stop manufacturing after several years of rather discreet sales, being a car in clear decline. In general, sedans currently only represent 6% of the cars sold in Europe.

The Mondeo it is assembled in the Valencian Almussafes plant, from where it is exported to the rest of Europe and other countries. Be that as it may, anticipate his goodbye in our market, because has disappeared from the configurator ceasing to be available on request, as confirmed by Ford Spain.

Ford Almussafes factory

The current version of the Mondeo has been on the market since 2014: after almost a decade it was the turn of a new generation or death. And, since its sales have long since ceased to follow, even with its renewal in 2019 and the inclusion of a hybrid version, it is logical that Ford has chosen to eliminate it permanently.

In 2021 in Spain the Ford Mondeo signed the 962 registered units, Meanwhile in 2020 they were marketed 1,077 models of this saloon. Also in the global of Europe, in autumn, the Ford Mustang Mach-E surpassed it in sales: in September the sedan brought together 10,427 units compared to 15,602 for the electric SUV. Some 10,000 Ford Mondeos were assembled at the Valencian plant last year.

And not only has it ceased to be available in Spain, it does not appear in the configurator either. from Germany The in that of Italyalthough it is still available in France, Netherlands The United Kingdom. In the case of our market, its sales will therefore be limited to units that are in stock and waiting to find an owner.

The Ford Mondeo will be replaced by an SUV: what we know so far

Ford Evos 2021

The mystery surrounds the substitute for Ford, although since 2019 the arrival of its predecessor has already been tailed. In August of that year, the oval mark registered the name Mondeo EVOS in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

And early last year, several spy photos leaked the theoretically new Mondeo, already converted into a kind of family crossover. Shortly after, the Ford Evos arrived, which was presented at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show.

Although it was pointed out that it would be at the end of 2021 when this replacement for the saloon would land, there are still no details of this mysterious SUV. It is expected to arrive this year, but for now we just have to wait for the oval mark to say this mouth is mine.

Ford Focus Active 2022

Ford Focus Active

That the Mondeo passes to a better life to give way to an SUV is logical. The same thing has happened, for example, with the Citroën C5, which has mutated into a crossover with the arrival of the C5X, designated by the French firm as its new flagship.

The market rules and the brands are increasingly integrating more SUVs into their ranges, giving priority to this segment in their premieres. Proof of this is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, without going any further, that pairs this mythical name of the muscle car with an electric SUV coupé.

Moreover, models that have great weight in sales, such as the Toyota Corolla or the Toyota Yaris, have diversified and added SUV variants, as is the case with the Yaris Cross, which is already sold, or the Corolla Cross, which has already been revealed and will launch in the fall of this year in Europe.

Ford also has Active variants, which convert models such as the Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus into a crossover: variants with more ground clearance and with design elements typical of the SUV segment.

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