The Tesla Cybertruck will also not go into production this year

It’s been quite some time since the Tesla website, both in the US and in Spain, has eliminated references to the entry into production of the Tesla Cybertruck after many delays. And you have to add a new one.

According to Reuters, Tesla’s plans with the long-awaited electric pick-up have suffered a new setback, and their production has delayed until the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Does the pick-up need to be more competitive?

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According to Reuters, citing a “person familiar with the matter,” the delay is the result of “changing features and functions” that Tesla is introducing to make the vehicle more attractive in a growing market for electric pick-ups.

We are talking about models that are extraordinarily in demand in the US, such as the the electric pick-up Ford F-150 Lightning, the brutal HUmmer EV or the Rivian R1T.

At the moment the causes of this delay have not transpired, but it could be due both to the shortage of microchips, which on the other hand Tesla has managed to decently weather, and to the challenges involved in their manufacture.

But the complex body shape ultra resistant, the baptized as ‘Exoskeleton’ made of stainless steel 30X Ultra-Hard cold rolled, requires entirely new manufacturing processes.

In fact, the production version you will have to have certain changes if you want get approval both in North America as in Europe.

The Cybertruck was introduced in 2019, and Tesla promised that the vehicle would roll off production lines by the end of 2021.

In September of last year, the Californian company announced a new delay for the futuristic pick-up, setting the date of entry into production for the end of 2022, while the Semi truck was set for 2023.

Time will tell if Tesla’s almost always inaccurate forecasts are fulfilled.

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