This is the new energy station from NOVOO

If you are going to the mountains, or you are on the beach, and you want to power a portable refrigerator, or charge your mobile 15 times, or have enough energy to charge a laptop four times, you will surely need a power station.

They are devices that are charged with a plug, with solar panels or with the car battery, and that allow to offer both alternating current and direct current connection anywhere.

Today I present the NOVOO solution, a station weighing only 3.5 kg and with a reduced size of 230x202x146mm, a generator with an 80,000 mAh battery capable of generating 296 Wh.

I tell you in video:

What outlets do you have?

It has 8 output ports:

– An AC outlet with nominal 300W, 230V / 50Hz
– Un puerto 1 x USB-C: PD 45W Max
– two USB A, one 18W max. and another 12W.
– One cigarette lighter socket: DC 12V/10A
– Two DC 5.5mm 11V-17V / 10A outputs

The generator is easy to use, it only has a power button, an LCD screen, the input to charge it (3.5mm), a flashlight and the aforementioned outputs.

power station

How the generator is charged

It can be charged in four different ways:

– With a 100W solar panel, it charges in 6.5 hours.
– With a traditional outlet, it charges in 7.5 hours.
– With the car battery it charges in 9.5 hours.
– It can be charged by connecting the USB – C (in addition to offering power output, it also serves to charge the generator). If you connect USB-C and traditional power outlet, it charges in just 4 hours.

power station

Price and availability

Available and aliexpress at this link, it is priced at $268.99 using the code AETOP20. Price valid from tomorrow January 15 to January 21.

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