With Block, Jack Dorsey wants to make Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone

A few months after announcing his official departure from Twitter, the founder of the social network with the blue logo is now embarking on Bitcoin mining.

Jack Dorsey decidedly quickly turned the page on Twitter. After announcing last November his departure from the social network, the businessman has since launched on the cryptocurrency market founding Block, formerly Square.

Today, and after several weeks of suspense, Block has finally confirmed its ambition to launch into the minage de Bitcoin. Logically, it was on Twitter that things became official. The founder of the social network announced via his personal account that Block was “officially building an open bitcoin mining system”.

It was finally Thomas Templeton, who heads the department devoted to computer equipment at Block, who clarified Jack Dorsey’s project. According to him, the BTC mining that will be offered Block will allow a better profitability, while requiring less financial investment and less maintenance. To achieve this ambitious goal, the company already plans to surround itself with a dedicated team of specialists, including system engineers, as well as ASIC mining specialists. Business goal: allow bitcoin mining to generate less heat, and create low-energy solutions.

Greener, and above all more accessible

In addition to making mining less energy-intensive, Jack Dorsey also intends facilitate access to the equipment necessary for the extraction of cryptocurrencies. A way for the entrepreneur to counter the professionalization of the sector, caused by the outbreak and the shortage of the necessary equipment. In the longer term, this paradigm shift may allow cryptocurrencies to be accessible to everyone, without requiring any special investment or knowledge.

Recall that currently, the mining of BTC requires the exploitation of powerful graphics cards running at full throttle. While some manage to acquire several dozen models to supply their extraction farms, the bulk of the market is still plagued by severe shortages, which sometimes go so far as to upset the release schedule of certain manufacturers.

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