backward compatibility brought back to the table with this patent

Backward compatibility for PS1, PS2, and PS3 games may well see the light of day on PS5 with this intriguing new patent.

More than a year ago, when the PS5 was released on the market, one of the main questions asked concerned backward compatibility, and what the new generation of consoles could allow to do in this area of ​​expertise. Sony’s answer was ultimately, not much. Today, only PS4 titles benefit from effective backward compatibility on PS5, depending on the title. However, this aspect could soon be corrected thanks to new technology.

The arrival of classics from all generations?

We owe this discovery to Shaun McIlroy, who unearthed a new patent, which has just been approved by the competent office. Named ” backward compatibility through the use of a dummy clock and fine-grained frequency control “, it would have been filed by Mark Cerny, the main architect of the PS5 (and the PS4 and PS Vita before it). It’s about how the PS5, through software, could lock in to, and mimic, the performance of older consoles in order to run games of the corresponding generation.

An ingenious system which still remains very vague in its specificities. One thing is certain, however, backward compatibility is coming, although we do not yet know in what form, and especially for which console. If all the favors are for the PS5, there is a slight possibility that only the PS4 will be affected, or that the technology will be used to improve the backwards compatibility already present.

However, the Internet user seems rather convinced by the most probable option. He even managed to bring out an image of the presentation of the latest generation console, on which we see empty places, just waiting to be filled with the right console names.

Towards an improved PlayStation Now?

Gamers on the lookout are aware that Sony is currently working on its own version of the Game Pass, an on-demand video game service offered by its competitor Microsoft. This one, according to the latest rumors, should be based on the PlayStation Now, while offering a more extensive, more qualitative catalog, and above all the possibility of playing games from older generations.

This patent could therefore very well be linked to this still mysterious project, which should moreover see the light of day by the spring of 2022. For the moment, Sony has not yet confirmed anything like this, and we must therefore take these information with enormous tweezers.

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