from the Alpine plan to the ‘pull rod’ of Ferrari and McLaren

The 2022 Formula 1 preseason is going to be one of those in which you have to be especially attentive. The new technical regulation of the category has caused that all teams, drivers and fans have more or less hope in which their interests will be the most benefited. And there are already many rumors about it.

The base that must be clear in all this matter is that neither team knows where it is going to be next season. Everyone knows what they have, and can even make comparisons with their cars from previous seasons, but they are completely unaware of the path that others have taken. From there, everything will be speculation until the preseason.

Renault prepares an engine that compensates for the 35 hp disadvantage they had with Mercedes

Alonso Alpine F1 2021

The team that has aroused the most expectation is Alpine. The famous motto ‘The Plan’ that Fernando Alonso coined came to be stamped on the spoiler rear of the Alpine during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. We don’t know if to continue with the meme or because they really trust 2022 a lot, but the first rumors have already come out about it.

As reported by the German media AMuS, Renault is preparing a new engine for 2022. This is nothing new, but it is that the first data seems to make the team trust Alpine in power to match the power that Mercedes had in 2021. Of course, both the Germans and Honda and Ferrari could also prepare something new.

Alonso Abu Dabi F1 2021

Would a total gain of 35 CV of power, a figure so large that it invites us to think that it can only come with a restructuring of engine engineering, something that also usually brings failures in reliability. With an engine freeze ahead, it looks like Alpine is going to take risks to stick to plan. Of course, it does not speak very well that his technical chief, Marcin Budkowski, has left before starting.

In addition, other information ensures that there are two teams that have taken a totally different path than the rest in the construction of their single-seater: Alpine and Mercedes. Something that, if true, does not mean anything by itself. Although, if it works out for them, it would still be nice to see a fight between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton again.

Ferrari and McLaren would bet on ‘pull rod’ suspensions again

Leclerc Ferrari Maranello F1

Another team around which there is also a lot of noise is Ferrari. As usual, the Italians are placed as contenders for everything when there is a regulatory change, and this time it will not be less. In his favor he plays that the new engine was already released in 2021 and it worked, although more improvements could still come.

What has been published in the Italian press is that Ferrari is proposing a very aggressive car for next season, especially in the nose. the car would use the controversial ‘pull rod’ suspensions, a concept that they already bet on in that 2012 season in which Fernando Alonso almost worked the miracle.

Carlos SainzFerrari F1 2021

The most common suspensions in Formula 1 are the ‘push rod’, which push the rocker arm on the shock to generate more compression. The ‘pull rod’ have the middle suspension rod in the opposite direction, coming from the farthest apex to the nose, and causing the car to flatten more against the ground.

The last to use the ‘pull rod’ in Formula 1 were Ferrari and McLaren, but in no case were they able to achieve the expected performance. The one who brought them back to Formula 1 was Red Bull at the hands of Adrian Newey, with much more success. In Italy they say that in addition to Ferrari, Also McLaren could return to the ‘pull rod’.

Norris Mclaren F1 2021

Precisely McLaren is one of the teams from which, without making much noise, more is expected for 2022. They have taken the correct steps to form a solid structure that, with a regulatory change in between, should allow them to make the leap to fight for the title. But nevertheless, the first sensations in the simulator they have not been good.

Lando Norris explained in one of his direct on Twitch that the new car seemed undrivable in the simulator. Not something that should set off alarm bells in Woking, as it’s probably a common sentiment for most drivers. The way of driving Formula 1 cars in ground effect is going to change completely.

Red Bull, with a low profile and the trick of Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey Red Bull F1 2021

The ones that are not being talked about too much is the champions, Red Bull. Max Verstappen has been on vacation celebrating his title in Mexico, and not much is known about the new project. But logic invites us to think that Red Bull should have a great car for 2022, if only for Adrian Newey.

Having the great genius of aerodynamics in Formula 1 should be a point in favor when facing a regulation change that precisely affects aerodynamics. What’s more, having two teams should also give Newey more points of view and Red Bull on what they are doing.

Verstappen Hamilton Abu Dabi F1 2021

About Aston Martin the only thing that is known is that Otmar Szafnauer has stepped down as team boss and is replaced by Mike Krack, while Haas, Williams and Alfa Romeo will have enough if they manage to leave the caboose, although the budget ceiling may give them an option to surprise in the first races.

By the way, some information already suggests that the cars of 2022 could be practically as fast as those of 2021. Ground effect and 18-inch tires from Pirelli they would allow potentially dangerous speed for only the first year of development of the single-seaters. If true, who knows how far they could go.

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