Home automation and fitness coming to Google TV

Google TV will step out of its comfort zone this year, breaking new ground further than simply viewing video content. The search engine is indeed planning to open up its TV platform to home automation and fitness.

Usually, quad we are in front of our TV, we spend our time watching programs or playing with a console. But why not do so much more? Rob Caruso, product director for Google TV, described in an interview with the site Protocol what the search engine had in mind for the interface this year.

A versatile TV platform

One of the main topics that interests Google in 2022 is fitness. Several manufacturers of connected televisions and streaming boxes also have projects in this area, some have even launched themselves like Apple with its Fitness+ service accessible on the Apple TV box. Caruso does not give details, however why not imagine a similar service connected to a Fitbit bracelet (owned by Google)?

Another idea for Google TV: control of home automation devices. The leader gives as an example the changes made in Android 12 to facilitate the management of these devices (the controls are accessible by holding the ignition button of the smartphone). Finally, Google TV could strengthen its video calling functions, Duo being already available. And why not Zoom one day?

Credit: Google

Google TV, the new Android TV interface, was launched at the end of 2020 with the new Chromecast. Since then, it has gradually been installed on televisions and devices running Android TV, with some success: Google has announced that the Android TV/Google TV platform has more than 110 million terminals. Seven of the top ten manufacturers use one or the other.

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