How the FluBot virus can infect your phone

Threats to our smartphones are always the order of the day, with cybercriminals planning new strategies to seize and profit from our data.

It was recently reported that there is a malware named FluBot created a few months ago, which, by invading the smartphone system, launched an operation to get the user’s bank details and control the device.

Well, now it seems that this threat has returned stronger than ever, adopting new ways to enter smartphones without being noticed.

Initially FluBot penetrated the phone through a text message. Now it has been reported that this malware has managed to insert itself into the system in various ways; one of them as one fake Adobe Flash Player application displayed on the screen when visiting certain websites.

Other forms taken by this malware have been as a fake system update or also a notification. One reason this happens is the installation of apps outside of official stores, in this case the Android Play Store.

In the case of fake apps, these are usually accompanied by the hidden malware in your code, so that, once installed, it can extract the data that is of interest in our device without us noticing it.

In this way, the app can carry out its installation on the phone without raising any suspicion of containing the FluBot, thus going unnoticed in the Android phone system and proceed with its work of collect user information.

That is why it is necessary to take measures that help keep the phone safe from this type of threat. Some useful recommendations for this are:

  • Keep phone software updated to the latest version.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links, as well as providing our personal data without checking the legitimacy of the service requesting it.
  • Avoid downloading apps outside of Google Play as much as possible.

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