It will not be the fastest in the world but it has up to 45 km of autonomy

The latest edition of the CES in Las Vegas not only has it brought us very interesting technological innovations such as BMW’s car that changes color or innovations focused on a more sustainable future such as Lightyear’s solar car. In addition, some manufacturers have also taken advantage of the occasion to present solutions focused on sustainable urban mobility: this is the case of Bugatti, which has surprised with his first electric scooter.

The Italian luxury firm thus joins other brands like Audi, BMW or Porsche, which already have different sustainable micromobility solutions of this type. In the case of the Bugatti electric scooter, this has been developed by the specialists of Bytech International.

It is foldable and has a 700W electric motor, or what is the same, its power is almost 1 CV.

Removable battery and exclusive details


Although it may seem so at first glance, the electric scooter de Bugatti is not an ordinary Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV). At least, it is not one of the most common, because according to the brand itself “the scooter has a unique aerodynamic design” based on its practical folding magnesium alloy structure that allows it to have a total weight of only 15kg and one 110kg load capacity.

Another curiosity of Bugatti’s VMP is that it has a 700 W motor (about 0.94 horsepower), along with a 36V 10Ah battery, which allows you to “climb slopes with an incline of up to 15 degrees”.

In addition, it has electronic ABS and three driving modes: Economy, City and Sport and a cruise control function. Depending on the chosen mode, the scooter will be “more or less agile, as if it were a car”.

Thus, you will have top speeds of 14 km / h, 20 km / h or 30 km / h, respectively. Depending on the chosen driving mode, the electric range of the VMP will vary between 32 and 45 km with a single charge.

Bugatti’s scooter needs some four hours (into a household outlet) to fully recharge and has removable battery, so it can be easily replaced when it reaches the end of its useful life.


Design-wise, we don’t expect any big frills for a VMP, but the scooter does feature standout features like nine-inch wheels “for a combination of deft handling and good ride height,” according to the brand.

Also noteworthy are elements such as the LED strip brake light, or the light signature that is projected on the asphalt below it, which is made up of the abbreviation “EB” of the founder of the firm, Ettore Bugatti.

This feature complements the base lights and turn signals located on both sides of the handlebars. The scooter will be available in three colors: the signature French blue (“Agile Blue”), silver gray and black.

At the moment the firm has not provided data on whether the electric scooter will end up arriving in Europe but, if so, its maximum speed will have to be limited to 25 km/h to comply with current regulations. The price of the future Bugatti VMP has also not transpired, but it could easily be around a thousand euros.

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