Steps to sync Google Keep with Google Assistant to organize your lists and voice memos

Nowadays we have so many mobile tools that it is almost impossible to be able to use any service, from Google for example, in its full capacity and explore all its internal functions.

One of these services could well be Google Keep, the famous application that is used to manage tasks in a simple way. And in addition to this, Keep also is able to merge with another company service to have better performance, we talk about Google Assistant.

Well yes, these two services are able to unite so that everyone can manage their Keep notes through the assistant, which if we think about it, is something that can help us organize and put all kinds of notes in order , shopping lists, tasks and other things only by voice.

And it is that this help function is not even new. In fact, it was launched during 2019, and if you still didn’t know about its existence or still don’t know how to configure everything, well then you will be learning how to do it in a simple and fast way.

These are the steps to follow to join Keep and Assistant

Steps to sync keep with assistant

– Open the Google app from the mobile.
– Click on your profile picture, located in the upper left corner.
– Tap on the tab Setting.
– Go into google assistant
– In the search bar at the top, type Grades to filter that settings tab.
– Enter the window notes and lists.
– Scroll down a bit and select Google Keep as your list and notes provider.

And ready, this will be all that is necessary for both services to be at your disposal and so, make the most of them effectively. Please note that when the setting is activated, you will not only be able to use the assistant function via mobile, but Google smart speakers will also be supported.

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