This is the ultimate ultrawide 4K monitor

In the past CES 2022, many models of monitor screens have been presented, echoing many of them due to their own characteristics that make them different from conventional monitors that we can easily find on the market.

And if we did not have enough with what was presented very recently, now an interesting monitor model that is seeking funding on the Kickstarter platform catches our attention. This is Lukos, and it is, as its creators call it, the ultimate ultrawide monitor.

And it is that this monitor model is obvious due to the width of its screen, a 4K monitor with panel IPS, with aspect ratio 32:9, designed both for games and for the productivity, counting on a high viewing angle, color uniformity, in addition to supporting up to four simultaneous video signals on the screen if desired.

Its panel also offers a 2ms response time and a 60Hz refresh rate. It also features dual built-in speakers, and also allows it to be rotated into a vertical position, ideal for managing social networks, reading e-books, coding software, and more.

More than interesting qualities to be able to be integrated into any space where you want to play or work, taking into account that it is a portable monitor.

The interest in it is directly reflected in the campaign that hosts it, which has far exceeded the funding goal set, leaving 19 more days of availability for new interested parties to join the rewards still available.

According to the rewards still active, the acquisition of a unit of this curious device starts from the equivalent of 366 euros, plus shipping costs, with shipments scheduled to run throughout the next month of April to anywhere in the world.

As always, those interested have more details by going to the campaign website, where through the images and videos they can get a better idea of ​​the versatility of this device.

Link: Lukos and Kickstarter

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