What are you actually doing with the Hue Smart Button?

It’s now two and a half years since the Philips Hue smart button hit the market. What still surprises me: Even in 2022 it will still be sold exclusively via Amazon – and is otherwise only in the official one Philips Hue Online-Shop available.

This leads to sometimes adventurous prices for a small switch that actually costs 19.99 euros. In the Hue shop, for example, orders under 60 euros add a whopping 6 euros for shipping costs. At Amazon, the Smart Button is free of charge for Prime members and is currently sold for EUR 21.96.

Philips Hue Smart Button, convenient dimming without installation

  • Accessories for your smart Philips Hue system: The smart button allows you to control the light and conveniently dim, without any installation or…
  • The Hue Smart Button can be easily integrated into an existing Hue system and set up individually using the Philips Hue app

Where do you use the smart button?

But today I’m interested in something completely different: where do you use the smart button? How do you use it to control your Hue installation? Have you perhaps found a creative place to use the small switch?

In my home, only one smart button is currently in use, it hangs right next to the bed in the children’s room and controls a night light. So we can easily activate different scenes, such as a night light or reading light. We can also dim the light or make it a little brighter with a long press of the button – that’s very practical.

But now I’m looking forward to your comments. Where do you use the smart button?

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