Towards the end of the 13-inch Macbook Pro?

Apple’s MacBook Pros today come in 13, 14, or 16-inch sizes, but the smallest of the sizes might just disappear.

The 13-inch MacBook Pros could well live their last hours. Indeed, high-end laptops from Apple would no longer be in the plans of the Cupertino company, at least not under this form factor the. At the very end of last year already, while the tech world was recovering from the announcement (disappointing for some) of the iPhone 13, Apple had finally given reason to the rumors, which had announced for months the arrival of two new MacBook Pros, one 14-inch and the other 16.

Finally these products arrived on the Apple store and the Apple brand decided to ship M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, a new generation of processor, derived from the M1 chip which had already made a sensational entrance l year.

A sensational product

As a reminder, Apple announced at the beginning of 2020 that the brand’s next computers would no longer be equipped with Intel products. A decision which put an end to more than ten years of partnership between the two American giants, but which above all raised many questions. If the processors from Intel have faults, they remain more than efficient products, and the bar was high for Apple.

But finally, barely 6 months later, all doubts were swept away. Apple had slapped the laptop market by offering products with a speed and fluidity never before seen on such light and compact models. But in an increasingly fast tech world, isn’t this 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 already obsolete?

The end of the 13-inch MacBook Pro already recorded?

This is indeed what several rumors around the Apple brand seem to imply. If 2021 saw the arrival of the 14 and 16 inch models, the big question for 2022 is, quid 13 inch models?

But according to analyst Dylandkt, the matter has already been decided internally for some time. Apple’s next MacBook Pros will be 14-inch, and these will be the brand’s first computers to offer an M2 chip. Also according to Dylandkt, the next line of computers from Apple should be launched in the second half of the year. If we look at the last 24 months, the keynote should even take place in October or November. That of the return remaining dedicated to the iPhone.

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