New place where creators can earn money with their content

Given the rise of creators who come to the Internet to monetize their content through various social platforms, Now comes Roll, the new option that gives them the opportunity to show their true nature through their photographic publications, allowing them to have a base of followers who will have access to their content through a monthly fee.

This is an alternative to the possibility of using several platforms separately to make the payment on some and give them subsequent access to the content on others, such as making the payment on Patreon to give them access to private Instagram accounts, for example.

Roll goes more along the lines of Onlyfans, though unlike this Roll does not allow adult content. Creators can set their followers to pay anywhere from $5 a month to a maximum of $50.

In practice, most have opted for subscriptions of 5 dollars per month, with about 20 creators at the moment, although new ones will be added weekly until there is a sufficient base of creators to allow the platform to make a public opening.

Creators keep 80% of the revenue they generate through subscriptions. At the moment, the new platform is available through the existing applications for Android and iOS.

According to Erik Zamudio, founder and CEO of Roll:

The way it works is that followers subscribe to see content from creators that they won’t be able to see anywhere else. I think it allows creators to be the most authentic and real versions of themselves.

This way, creators will have everything they need in one place instead of using multiple separate platforms for different actions. Moreover, on third platforms there may not be a place for many publications that they could have within Roll as part of what they want to share naturally.

It is already a question of new creators arriving in a controlled manner until the platform can be launched publicly in Internet, then allowing anyone to become a new creator who can earn money by sharing their posts with their subscribers.

It is also expected that high-profile creators will arrive, which will allow subscribers who are willing to pay the maximum allowed in subscriptions to arrive.

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