Cororna winner: caravanning industry continues to grow

Germany’s manufacturers of mobile homes and caravans are storming from record to record in the Corona crisis. Despite a severe slump in production in the second half of the year, companies delivered more leisure vehicles in 2021 than ever before. Of the 130,666 units, almost 55,000 were exported, as reported by the CIVD industry association on Thursday.

It could have been much more than the 12.8 percent increase in production, as CIVD President Hermann Pfaff explained. From the middle of the year, manufacturers began to feel the problems in the supply chains and higher material prices more and more. Because a few parts were missing, almost finished mobile homes had to be temporarily stored. Finally, a number of vehicles were not even built due to a lack of chassis, as reported by the Hymer managing director.

Fewer new caravans

In the overall European market with around 260,000 new leisure vehicles, Germany remains by far the most important single market with 106,138 new registrations. The mobile homes are clearly in the fast lane. With 81,420 vehicles, they achieved growth of 4.3 percent and thus achieved the eleventh record year in a row. The number of caravans fell by 15.2 percent to almost 25,000 units compared to the strong previous year. Total sales, including imports, fell by one percent in Germany.

For the next two years, the opinion research institute Allensbach has identified a considerable buyer potential on behalf of the association. After that, 1.3 million people are considering buying an RV and 700,000 are considering getting a caravan. In the future, the 1.8 million German mobile home owners will overtake the two million caravan owners. According to Allensbach expert Michael Sommer, those interested in camping primarily expect independence (88 percent) and closeness to nature (75 percent) from this form of vacation. In third place among their motives, the participants at 62 percent named the presumed higher safety against corona infections.

The used trade is also booming

Because it is becoming increasingly tight on the German parking spaces, the association offers advice for interested municipalities who want to participate in the growing holiday market. The German Economic Institute for Tourism estimates sales of motor homes and campers for 2020 at around 14.1 billion euros.

In any case, the vehicle manufacturers are gearing up for continued very high demand, which will ensure thriving business with fewer problems with materials and supplier parts. “Caravaning is a very popular form of holiday not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. The demand for German motorhomes and caravans is unbroken,” said CIVD Managing Director Daniel Onggowinarso.

In 2021, a record turnover of 13.9 billion euros was achieved, which was 12.1 percent above the previous year. In addition to the 7.5 billion euro business with new vehicles, there was also a boom in the used trade (up 6.3 percent to 5.2 billion euros) and the sale of accessories (up 14.2 percent to 1.2 billion euros).

In addition to stable prices, customers’ increasingly extensive requests for accessories also contributed to the increasing turnover. According to the association, the average price for a new caravan is 23,000 euros. Mobile homes cost an average of 77,500 euros, with a very wide range between a simple panel van and a luxury liner. With a scarce supply and an empty second-hand market, prospective buyers currently have hardly any arguments for strong price reductions. (dpa/swi/mer)

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